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How To Build Your Business

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Erin Davis // Digital Marketing Specialist and Owner of Wink & Arch

As someone who’s grown up in a generation with smartphones, laptops, social media, artificial intelligence and all the other innovations we have in 2020, I have been lucky enough to have an understanding of these things inevitably. I always figured that everything I knew, regarding social media, brand perception, the way a consumer thinks and processes things – were common knowledge. But it’s not. This information is going to help you gain some insight on the fascinating way a consumer thinks/buys, the most successful ways to reach your target audiences and where I believe the world is going in terms of technology and marketing.

We’re smart – we have become used to the advertisements being thrown at us, the salespeople outside stores barking at us to try their product, and all the other tactics that aren’t so useful anymore. We know when something is being sold to us, and whether we know it or not, it makes us not want it. It feels uncomfortable, or like we are being tricked into something. This is why it is so essential to understand how to provide for customers, not sell to customers.

Creating a strong and differentiating brand is essential when building a business. Ensure everything is coherent and aesthetically pleasing. Create a feeling in your brand if possible! Provide support, insight as well as something pretty to look at. Giving value is one of the most important things to consider when marketing. No, it doesn’t result in immediate leads or sales, but it allows for people to feel trust in the company and therefore, buy their product, or recommend them later on. Another reason this is such an essential step is; the future.

Within 10 years I believe that people will no longer be searching on google to find their nearest lash tech or hairstylist. They will ask their “Google Home” or their “Alexa” or whatever technology we have at that time, to contact the best lash tech. And when that time comes, there will only be one reply. There won’t be a list of the best or

multiple advertisements. So, while we enjoy using Google Search now to generate more immediate results, we need to keep in mind how we’re going to be at the top, when or if, that time comes.

If you’re hoping for more specific information on building a brand, creating a company and how to get clients, check out for small business programs, downloadable offers and more.

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