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How to Properly Take Care of Eyelash Extensions

New to eyelash extension care? Wink and Arch is here to ensure you know how to show your extensions some love. How long eyelash extensions will last has variable answers depending on how well you treat them.

Here are seven tips that can help you keep these accessories in tip-top shape.

1. Keep Your Eyelashes Clean

First off, the fundamental aspect of proper eyelash maintenance is keeping them clean. At Wink & Arch can purchase a lash foam at your lash appointment to use to clean your lashes.

It is worth noting that the skin around your eye is thin and delicate. Therefore, cleaning should not be vigorous but relatively gentle to the skin and eyelashes. Using your lash cleanser, and a clean eyeshadow brush - slowly brush through the lashes and along the lash-line. It is advisable to do this every day or so to maintain your lashes.

2. Avoid Water for the First 24 Hours As your lash artist will tell you, eyelash extensions are not water-safe until at least a day after setting them. The glue used in sticking the lash extensions requires some time to dry and keep the lashes in position for a long time. Water can affect this process by weakening the bond. During this time, you will need to only wash your face or hair - while avoiding the eye area. However, the best way to avoid washing in the first 24 hours is by applying minimal make-up or avoiding it entirely. That will ensure the glue used can bond/dry well and the lashes will last long. 3. Maintain Lash Extension Refills Regularly Another great way to maintain your eyelash extension is to ensure you keep regular refills. A visit every 2-3 weeks will ensure that your extensions look healthy and their absolute best. Periodic appointments will also ensure that

you have a perfect lash line, critical for good-looking eyelash extensions. Your lash stylist may struggle to keep your extensions in perfect shape if you take long before visiting them. Therefore, you need to invest your time and money in maintaining a great look. Delays can also make the process costly as they may have to do a full set rather than a refill- taking more time and using more products.

4. Avoid Waterproof Eye Products Using water-proof products on your skin or eyelashes can make eyelash extensions after care difficult. As you know, water-proof products are tough to get off, especially with regular cleansing products. You may require a strong cleaning product and too much rubbing that can affect your skin and lashes. Most clients find that extensions are enough, and there is no need to put on make-up. However, you need to take extra caution if you feel like you need to wear eye-enhancing make-up. Go for the non-waterproof one to make it easy to clean it off as it is not too harsh.

5. Retire Your Mascara You no longer need your mascara if you already have lash extensions. If you occasionally feel like wearing mascara, ensure that it is one recommended for lash extensions. Besides, you always need to wear water-based mascara if you have to (no oils in the mascara - oil breaks down the glue in most eyelash extension sets). Always be careful not to purchase water-proof mascara as the two products can be confusing sometimes. Waterproof mascara can get stuck on lashes even after multiple lash baths and your lash artist may charge you for a removal and new full set if so. Leaving these little amounts of mascara on the lashes can cause bacteria to grow and possibly cause infections or irritation to your eyes. Its best to skip mascara all together. 6. Pick the Right Products It is always essential to pick the right products for your body. Using oil based make-up or skincare products can affect your lashes. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on the ingredients of things like eye creams, lash growth serums, facial sprays, eyeliners, etc. Ensure you consult your lash stylist if you are not sure about the right products to use. Using the recommended products will prevent premature fall out and promote longer lasting lash extensions. Quality products are essential in your daily lash-care routine.

7. Don't Pick or Pull Lashes. It is vital to be as gentle as possible to maintain the best eyelash extensions. Rubbing, plucking, or vigorous brushing can damage your lashes. Therefore, you need to be soft, including when cleaning the lashes. You may occasionally feel the urge to play with your lashes, but the better you overcome it, the longer they will last. It would also help if you remembered that playing with your lashes will affect both the artificial extensions and your natural lashes. Your lash extensions are an investment, and you need to ensure they are in good condition. As mentioned earlier, eyelash extensions are an essential investment. It would be best if you did all you can to ensure they remain healthy and beautiful. The tips in this article will give you a great start towards having the best eyelash extensions.


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