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I need to find lashes near me!

Does this sound like you right now? If you're looking for lash extensions near you, in the Etobicoke GTA area - you've found the right place!

At Wink & Arch, not only are we convenient by being near you, but we also take pride in being the best eyelash extensions Etobicoke. Wink & Arch's lash tech, Erin, ensures your lash extensions are perfect for you! She will make sure the extensions are comfortable, best suited for your eye shape, and maintain your natural lash health.

Erin is experienced in helping clients who have had bad experiences with lash extensions in the past, things like overly heavy fans, poor isolation, natural lash breakage, and more. At Wink & Arch, we will help keep your natural lashes healthy while enjoying the look of beautiful extensions.

At Wink & Arch, we also provide an eyelash extension course in Etobicoke. If you're interested in learning how to provide the service, lash extensions, inquire by emailing for more information on pricing, the course outline, what's included, and more!

For a look at what a full lash extension appointment looks like, here is a video by the lash technician in Etobicoke, Erin.


To book your appointment:

Click the link below and we'll see you soon!

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